My Catholic Faith Delivered (Faith Foundations: The Four Pillars)



My Catholic Faith Delivered

Online Catholic Learning.  

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Scripture based formation on the four pillars

It is essential to be able to pass on the faith, but we can't pass on what we don't know. The challenge is to know the basics of the Catholic faith. Graduates of this course will have the essential knowledge to feel comfortable talking about their faith and teaching others.

Faith Foundations presents the teachings of the faith in an interactive format that presents the information of the lesson through videotaped presentations which draw heavily from Scripture. Using a mix of personal stories, prayers and discussion questions, this course makes it easy to learn and understand the Church's teaching about topics such as the Bible, Mary, Prayer, the Mass and the Sacraments. The 28-lesson course seeks to answer common questions that Catholics encounter each day.

How is the Program Implemented?

Video Presentations Included

Each lesson includes video presentations by Mike Scherschligt, with School of Faith. These presentations are dynamic and walk viewers through topics on scripture, sacraments and faith.

Online Assessments

Each lesson has assessments, which are scored instantly and a historical record can be reviewed by instructors.

Rich Links and Multimedia

The online curriculum includes links to primary sources. Additionally, music and video are designed to help learners pray.

Online Discussions

Discussions are available to help foster a sense of community and fellowship. These discussions are organized at the class level, giving individual groups and parishes the ability to maintain their own information.


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