Coordinator: Pauli Dornaus


Functions of the Lector

Introductory Rites


In the procession to the altar, when no deacon is present, the lector,

 may carry the Book of the Gospels elevated slightly. In that case, the lector walks in front of the priest (194). 

Upon reaching the altar, the lector makes a profound bow with the others.(3) If the lector is carrying theBook of the Gospels, the lector goes to the altar and places the Book of the Gospels on it. 

Liturgy of the Word

At the ambo the lector proclaims the readings that precede the gospel reading. If there is no psalmist, the lector may also sing or recite the responsorial psalm after the first reading (196). 

After the priest gives the introduction to the General Intercessions, the lector may announce the intentions from the ambo when no deacon is present (197). 


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