Filipino American Catholic Community (F.A.C.C.)

Leader: Tony Teruel


The Filipino-American Catholic Committee (FACC) of St. Joseph Catholic Church was formed in December 2008.  The FACC consists of approximately 24 Filipino Catholic families from Crescent City and outlying areas.

The FACC officers were appointed, installed and blessed by Father Able Mena, Pastor of St. Joseph Church on October 16, 2011 during the quarterly FACC meeting.  The following are the appointed officers:

Tony Teruel – Group Leader
Gilda Oldham – Asisstant Group Leader
Jenny Teruel – Secretary
Charito Hester – Treasurer
Cora Frogatt – Advisor
Blandy Houtz – Advisor

The mission of the FACC is:

1.  To support the Pastor of St. Joseph Catholic Church.

2.  To continue the Filipino Catholic tradition, originated in the Phillipines, of taking around the Statue of the Virgin Mary, on a three to four week rotation, to the various homes of willing members and praying the Holy Rosary.

3.  To encourage closer fellowship among Filipino-American Catholics in the community,

4.  To welcome the Filipino-American Catholics who are new to the area.

5.  To help Filipino-American Catholics when assistance is needed.

6.  To encourage them to be active in the Catholic fatih by reminding them to go Mass.

7.  To encourage them to get involved in various activities and programs of St. Joseph Catholic Church.

The FACC supports and willingly participtes in various activities and fund raising events of St. Joseph Catholic Church such as the International Dinner, hospitality socials, the meager meal provider on one of the Fridays of Lent, the annual Parish Picnic, and parish cleanup.

The FACC meeting is normally held quarterly, on Sunday preceeding the fifth Sunday of the month at 5:00 PM.