CCD Religious Education

Director of Religious Education: Maria Jovita Hambrick


Confraternity of Christian Doctrine (CCD)


Director of Religious Education: Mary Martinez


PreK/Kindergarten Teacher: Jeannette Scott

1st/2nd Grade (First Communion) Teacher: Mary Martinez

3rd/4th Teacher: Annette Short

5th/6th Teacher: Loretta Stoner


Confirmation (7th-12) Canyon Dauber


When do classes meet?                     

PreK-6th Grade: Classes are on Sunday, immediately following the 10am Mass and meet until the 12pm Mass

7th-12th Grade: Classes are on Sundays 8am to 9:30am


Classes always begin the 2nd Sunday of September and continue through May.



What materials are used?                                                                               

Our Religious Education program uses the Faith and Life serious, put out by Ignatius Press. The Faith and Life presents Catholic teaching using the time-tested ecclesial methodology and spiral development of catechesis.



What is CCD?                                                                                                 

CCD, Confraternity of Christian Doctrine, or Catholic religious education, was originally established in 1562 for the purpose of giving religious instruction. By definition, we are a group devoted entirely to teaching the Church’s Doctrine—rules, teachings, and beliefs.


When will my child receive the Sacrament?                                                    


The date for First Communion is decided by the Pastor

The date for Confirmation is chosen by our Bishop.



How do I enroll my child?                                                                              

Enrollment for CCD will begin the first Sunday of April and continue through the summer


To enroll your child you must fill out our registration form (available here, in the parish office, or in the back of the Church), bring a copy of their baptismal certificate (if they have been baptized) as well as their First Communion certificate, pick up the mandatory parent packet with your child’s assigned number, and pay the registration fee (all fees are due when picking up your packet).


To clarify: completed registration forms may be dropped off at the parish. A copy of your child’s certificate(s) must accompany their registration forms (if they were baptized here at St. Joseph, our secretary or office manager will be happy to fill out the necessary information).  Registrations are not complete until the above requirements have been met.